Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An(other) Adjustment


First: Financial freefall.
Then: The hewing of wood and the drawing of water.

The latter also applies to before and after Enlightenment.
Life is still a series of interruptions.

And finally: A New Yorker cartoon comes to mind. An old couple strides briskly to the mailbox, where they collect their first social security check. Coming back from the mailbox they are withered and stooped over.

Egad, I am OLD.

Denny used to refer to retirement as the interval between work and death. Such a Denny thing to say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pru,

It is always good to hear from you. I am still trying to find the right word to describe your writing--"wry" came to mind but that isn't it, however the 3rd meaning in the dictionary led me to sardonic but that isn't exactly it either. Then I came to "droll" and I think that fits!

I hope to see you soon. Sarah

6:44 AM  

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