Monday, May 24, 2010

Dubuquer's Pub

OK, my inner enemy asks myself, what DO you care about? What would the old Dubuquer's ideal magazine print?

1) The Recluse Files. The satisfaction of not going anywhere, hoping the phone is not for you, telling the repairman, "I'll be around all day."

2) The Joy of Sleep. All different articles about "the sex of old age" (as my husband called it). Different naps described, especially the after-breakfast nap.

3) Let's Hear it for Yahweh! Would have to be written by me as few others get it right for some reason. Observations from medieval rabbis, 12-step anonymous writers, with cartoons about Kierkegaard. It's a matter of life or death.

4) My Grandchildren. Not yours, Mine. Their sayings and exploits in detail; armaments categorized.

5) The Helpless Diaries. E.g., gardening as a spectator sport, watching the mending pile grow.

6) Fiction, TV, movies, are the best-written an most interesting parts of the New Yorker today, so they can come in. "Still" care about these.

7) And of course, My Dog.

Perhaps in future these really would be interesting to unpack into the great unsatisfied maw of the blog.


Blogger Doc Bubbles said...

I love # 1-5. Please write these.

8:39 AM  

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