Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Poor Relations

In the parking garage beneath
The Club, disembarked from someone-in-the
Family’s Buick,
The woman returning met the girl who left
Unfortunately wearing the same clothes,
Too tight for her midlife waistline and with
Charm bracelets jingling; this was
Before she sold the gold.
They rode up the elevator, of course, how else would they
Ride up; and she handed her coat to
A uniformed maid who cast a jaded glance.

They walked across a totally marble
Atrium. But: “Jack, look, the plants are plastic!!”
Jack her true love,
There’s a tale! He was so alive that day!
She’d do it all again with the stupid-looking dress and
Hateful shoes to walk next to him through the family’s Club,
Slowly, in no hurry to join
The matriarch around that fire I think was real
With various siblings strange brothers-in-law nieces a few strays
Assembled to join the Relations’ favorite
Pastime, drinking.


Composed from 1986 to 2013


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