Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Funeral at my Workplace

You'll notice in my profile that my business is "religion." For me, going to work means going into the church offices, right next to the church building.

A few minutes ago, as I worked in my office--answering email, updating registration lists, printing out an application for a prospective new hire in the church nursery--I heard the big old church bell begin to toll at the end of a funeral.

One can't exactly do work when the bell is tolling for thee, so I sat still and listened and said a prayer for the departed Christian soul, whom I had heard of but never met in this life. Naomi (as I will call her) was very old, 98.

After the tolling ended, I heard a baby crying. Then I heard adults chattering and laughing. Then silence as the worshippers exited to the Columbarium to commit Naomi's ashes.

I hope I have a baby crying at my funeral, and I hope the adults are laughing. Both seem a sign of a well-lived life and a happy death.


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