Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Republican Beauty Contest

Good citizen must watch other party's debate, keep mind open, listen to other points of view. So I tuned in to a debate of Republican presidential hopefuls. There were 10 of them spread out along the stage with at least one more (Fred Dalton Thompson) in the (metaphorical) wings. The contestants did not impress.

McCain was old; Romney was a well-spoken glamor boy. Mike Huckabee had a memorable name, which is a decisive factor at the polls. All positions on the war sounded like, "If we pull out of Iraq the result will be chaos" and "The Iraqis have to stand up." So the ideas were old, too, and they were not pretty.

If you said it's one of these or Dick Cheney, I'd have to pick Guiliani (sp)? He was the only one unable to wax poetic over the beauty of forcing a woman to bear an unwanted pregnancy.


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