Monday, February 09, 2009

Oh Dear

Unfortunately Obama isn't doing very well.

Of course there's no way he could have measured up to expectations he walk on water; but he could have fed the five thousand if he'd maybe just stuck with the Democrats.

Now he is taken and held hostage by what Paul Krugman calls "the destructive centrists." AAAGGH! Paul Krugman, you may have noticed, is always right.

I have read that one of the reasons Obama left the Senate was how slow and frustrating it was. I think perhaps he overestimated the power of a president.

No I don't really think that. I think he overestimated his vaunted appeal to both parties. Now he is stuck with 3 Republicans in his very cabinet and a really really lame stimulus proposal. And I don't even think or maybe should say don't have confidence his economists are barking up the right tree. Ever since I saw Lawrence Summers on a Sunday a.m. show saying SAME SAME MORE OF THE SAME. Not that I know what to do either!

Plus the press has stopped flattering Obama. Today's AP photo of him and Michelle getting back from Camp David makes them both look so clayfooted.

The predictors say deflationary spiral... which is what has already happened in real estate which crisis supposedly set off the current recession. People will be afraid to spend money for fear prices will drop more.

I think about the economy a lot, for all the good it does. And pray for the president, who's already getting blamed for everything.


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