Wednesday, December 31, 2008


In two ought ought nine should I
Join the Y
Organize my office
Get manicures
Be kind and good
Learn computer skills
Attend concerts
Tithe more often
Keep up the files and
Drop all bad habits
Complete a writing project
Buy new clothes and
Grow vegetables
Sweep the garage
Mend and iron
Finally hang those curtains and
Buy a decent wardrobe;
Or, should I
Watch more TV
Enjoy more sweets
Doze more often
In my chair
Read best sellers
Pet the dog
Watch Looney Toons
Dispute overcharges
Indulge in sarcasm, self-pity,
Worry about the wretched of the earth
Write little fragments to mulch
Into old diaries and newsclips
archives and recent pics
all swirling to
Joyce-ian mix
Then fall out of touch
With so much
Pray always and
Laugh at the future?
Well I say, Why
Not do it all, I say, Let
The wild rumpus commence.


Blogger Winifred said...

Lovely! Encapsulates so much of what I think and feel too.

Thanks, Mom.

11:33 PM  
Blogger J. Michael Povey said...

sarcasm and self pity are just up my atreet!

5:11 AM  

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