Monday, June 29, 2009


Hello, Readers,

When you check my blog next time(s) and you see no changes, it's because of vacation.
I will be beyond TV and Internet, sleeping in a bag in my own house in Happy Valley surrounded by the big family.
You can always go back and read some of the earlier blogs; consider them summer reruns.

The next new blog upon return in August will be a sentimental old-faded-blue-jeans-on-the-hook and-the-pines-smelled-so-fresh and then-we-picked-blueberries-and-ate-them rumination on the joys of not-doing. Why, I will ask, do we always need to do so much, why, I shall muse, can't we always live simply?

These questions will be asked from an air-conditioned space under a stout roof equipped w/ electricity and running water. Like Thoreau, one must still have clean laundry!



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