Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Medical Death Registry

It was crowded in our old dusty car, the whole family and Grandma.
There it is there it is you passed it!
See, next to that vacuum cleaner store!!
Huge parking lot. Here, you can ride in this wheelbarrow G'ma!

Inside, we had to wait! For evah! A tacky trailer park behind the fairgrounds, who knew? Greenish-gray glare filters through dirty windows over long lines of standing people.

Who's standing behind those grills?
Bureaucrats of course. Democrat Nazis!!

Arrow to the right... plug pulling deferments..
plug pulling permission...

To the left... ration booklets for
ER visits, maximum 2 per family

human condition

Do you have your triplicate? Dogs go in that line over there. Oh look at that cute little schnauzer!


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