Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Dared

This morning I showered and dressed very carefully. Great care must be taken when showering! Made sure I put makeup over the worst red spots on the face. Then felt inspired since I looked so good and clean: why not iron a blouse!

The creak of setting up ironing board frightened my little cairn terrier,and she scurriedfrom the room. Ironing happens so seldom she has no idea what's going on. But after finding the blouse and setting it on the ironing board: where was my iron? After hunting unsuccessfully in the closet I wondered if  I had a spare. It's like me to have a spare.

Over to the laundry room up on a shelf, there sat the old iron, in a box, with its instructions.

Back at the ironing board, it required several tries to get the thing turned on (various switches and power surge cords involved). In the process, I looked around the bedroom and there was my new iron, on a shelf. Oh, well. Carry on.

Amazed with self for ironing without losing consciousness, I decided to eat. Ripened in the fridge, sat a lovely fresh peach, which I--again, carefully, knives are sharp!--peeled and sectioned over some plain Greek yogurt. I admit I added a little sugar. Life is short.

Then I sat down and took the first bite and dribbled the peach all over my freshly ironed blouse.

A typical day in old age.

Cassie jumped up on my chair and settled down with a sigh.


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Sympathetic smile! Michael

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