Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Distant Cousin Sewed First LDS Garments

I am descended from an English family named Aldridge, or Aldrich, or Allred; they tended to mix it up, back so far to 17th century England. The Allreds came into our family via the Horners, when Elizabeth Allred, daughter of a certain John Allred, married Wm. Horner, Sr., in Randolph County, NC, in 1766 or '67.

Elizabeth's father, John, had a son Thomas who became the grandfather of a certain James Allred, making James my second cousin six times removed. James is mentioned in the "Record of the posterity of Joseph Smith Black and Nancy Cynthia Allred Black." P. 10 of this record, found on ancestry.com, claims James Allred drove Joseph Smith to Nauvoo [IL] and later to Carthage, where Smiith was imprisoned and killed.

"They came to Utah in 1850 and was sent to Senpete Valley." "They" [whoever "they" were]  established Allred Settlement, later known as Spring City. 

According to the record, "James became Bishop of Spring City....His wife Elizabeth Warren obviously was born of wealthy parents who disowned her when she joined the Church. However, they eventually joined too. She was an expert seamstress and under the direction of the Prophet Joseph, with Emma and Eliza R. Snow present, cut out and made the first graments [sic].... The prophet said they were just as near as he remembered the garment worn by the Angel Moroni. This loyal and true couple lived and died true Latter Day Saints. They are both buried in the Spring City Cemetery."

Wikipedia says:

Making the Garment
There are conflicting accounts of how the first garments were designed. According to one account, the original temple garment was made of unbleached muslin with markings bound in turkey red, fashioned by Nauvoo seamstress Elizabeth Warren Allred under Joseph Smith's direction. Joseph's reported intention was to have a one-piece garment covering a man's arms, legs and torso, having "as few seams as possible" (Munson n.d.; see also H. Kimball Diary, 21 Dec. 1845; Reid 1973, 169).

My 5th great-grandmother Elizabeth Allred married William Horner, Sr. (1746-1824), ca. 1966,  as listed in "Lineages of the National Society of Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims, Vol III," p, 677. William and Elizabeth were Baptists.


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