Saturday, May 03, 2014

It's Not Just Willpower

I think this is the last think I will post about getting old.

Because from now on I won't have time. Time is something I am running out of; the future is shrinking.

But for now, I will just post about yesterday. The past? I have plenty of past.

Rising at 6:30, I ran to make coffee and walk the dog and say my prayers and practice the piano and pay bills and do a lot of writing at my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's just a matter of getting up early!!! See how much I get done!  Just like the "old" me, who was the "young" me who still must be the "real" me.

At 12:30 I crashed and crawled in to bed and slept for three hours. When my daughter Winifred called from Hong Kong I told her it's not just a matter of getting up early or even a matter of willpower.

My body will not do what it used to to. But if I'm not nice to it, it will do even less.

So today I got up a little later and worked a little slower. The situation, in spite of the American creed of improvement and progress, will not improve. I am lucky to be alive. I am lucky to be healthy. I am even lucky to be old, which I actually am.

I actually am old.

It's a bit embarrassing.


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