Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Sadness of Hope

The Obama-Wright phenomenon dominates the news for a few days. The flurry makes me sad but hopeful.

Watching his press conference yesterday I felt personally sad for Obama as a gifted young leader forced to renounce his former pastor. Although it had to be done (I had told my daugher earlier that Wright "needed to be sat on"), who could not feel for the candidate's grief and disappointment.

Democrats, whether we support Obama or not, can share his sadness by realizing how much good Wright could have done by becoming less rigid. Wright missed an unusual leadership opportunity. Whether or not he is factual about AIDS genocide, Wright speaks the truth that African-Americans have been betrayed and abused. He is also right that America has become a greedy empire. What he can't seem to do is figure the way out. And whether or not you support Obama for president: he is trying to find the way forward.

When I started this blog I wanted to have a third sad, but what comes instead is hope. If Obama should be elected, and if he should have to take us to war, this is how I want to see him do it. Things like 9/11 happen, things like nuclear-armed enemies happen, and need to be dealt with.

Not with jingoistic triumphalistic imperialistic Bushistic lines in the sand, but when necessary to use our military, with sadness. Whether or not Obama gets the nomination this year (and he probably will), he is a leader to help us grow as a nation. At his vulnerable moments, the young man showed his potential greatness.

(This from a HIllary supporter!)


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