Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Pneumonia Channel

My back got better but then I came down with pneumonia. The weakness is astonishing. I look at people walking around, they appear miraculously strong and powerful. Can't do much, even blog. I did see a lot of news on my laptop, though.

I'm happy to say Hillary won some primaries last night. The Washington Post coverage of her Ohio victory could go into a journalism class about slanted story. The reporter framed it as a Tales from the Crypt, with Hillary oozing back up out of her coffin.

Obama went on his interviews looking pout-y. And so are some of his fans. Some of them blogged on the Opinionator that if Hillary gets nominated they'll stay home or vote for McCain.

McCain himself clinched his nomination and was being referred to as the little tortoise that could or some such.

In between come wafts of soft darkness; it would be so easy to just slip away.

That's it for tonight, stay tuned.


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