Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Grandmother Hypothesis

A guest on the Colbert report, Michael Behe, commented that when Newton's discoveries were not the end of physics but were built upon by Einstein.

"So you're Darwin's Einstein?" Colbert said.

But seriously, doesn't Darwin need an Einstein?

Michael Behe's problem with Darwin is that he didn't have the knowledge base about cellular design and DNA. My problem is that the whole thing is based on survival as the ultimate rationale. According to what I as a non-scientist can discern, the theory of evolution says that the purpose of life is to perpetuate itself.

For example, take the "grandmother hypothesis." Scientists understand why men have long life span because men can beget children into old age. But evolutionary theory couldn't understand why women survived past childbearing age. Then somebody decided that it was because grandmothers could help the mothers so that more of the tribe would survive. Like the whole purpose is to produce more children? But stand it on its head for a minute. Maybe all humans are meant to go threescore and ten but the women who didn't go through menopause didn't survive. Maybe there is a greater purpose to life than survival, that elders-- both men and women-- contribute to.

Do you think science will discover some psycho-spiritual aspects to life or has the theory of evolution evolved as far as it can go?

P.S. I don't go from design to Creator though. It's a matter of faith.


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