Wednesday, June 04, 2008

From one of the 18 million

Hillary Clinton gave a beautiful speech last night--for which inevitably she was pounded by CNN commentators. David Gergen wondered what she would want to "extort" from Obama, for example. Jeez!

She looked beautiful, too, and I was crying. Still am, a bit. From supporting her only because she was the best qualified (which got SO little play in everyone's thinking), I have come to love Hillary. What she has done for the Democratic Party and for women is a rare feat indeed.

The greatest part of her speech was the answer to "what does Hillary want" part. I'm sure it's on you-tube. You know your technophobe would not know how to link.

Now what? Oh yes I watched Obama's speech too (and McCain's; he looked like a death's head with false teeth). Obama has been forced by us 18 million to acknowledge Hillary rather than condescend. He has been forced to respect her strength and her following. I would respect him if he chose Hillary for V.P. because they would make the strongest ticket. But something tells me he doesn't want to run with her.

I don't care for Obama, and I don't think he's qualified. But of course I will vote for the Democrat. Anything but another anti-Roe Supreme Court justice. I just have to say that the prospect of looking at my ballot and seeing the same-old same-old men Men MEN makes me really depressed!!!!


Blogger Pru said...

Little did we know we would see a woman on the Republican side and a very scary dangerous one at that.
It just goes to show.

9:16 AM  

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