Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Density

Reader, you may remember I thought about getting a little job. As often happens in the course of thinking about such a thing, I ended up finding one: Coordinator of Children's Ministry at St Swithin's, around the corner.

Remember all that fuss last year about retirement? So, unbelievably, I'm doing it all again: the lists, the rosters, the
calendars, the teacher training, the safe church workshops, hiring child-care for the church nursery. Plus there is a pre-school and a Hebrew school to be liaised with. Denny used to have a joke with me based on the caretaker in "The Shining." He'd say, "You're the Director, Pru, you've always been the Director...."

I'm actually enjoying it. I had forgotten how interesting it is to organize things and do God's work on staff. I had forgotten that certain pride one feels in work. But it's like riding a bicycle (you don't forget how); and I hit the ground pedaling!

The other news is that my sister and her husband also found jobs, together, at the FDIC, which means they'll be traveling to different cities with bank failures. They want me to take care of their dog, a little cairn terrier, who supposedly will arrive this weekend.

So here I am with my Sunday School job and my soon-to-be dog, Plus ca change....


Blogger Winifred said...

That one about "You're the Director, you've always been the Director" made me grin.

- Winnifred

4:07 AM  

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