Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coming Into Style

Recession recession recession. Now it's on the style pages in "Does This Recession Make Me Look Dumpy?"
I hope the link below works but it probably won't.

To summarize then: women are stopping expensive hair treatments and buying clothes at sales. Clerks in the mall shops think the passersby look a fright.

My comment: As the identified dowdy person in my family, who has been scrimping for 30+ years, I am used to coming in and out of style. I.e., my clothes are always the same and sometimes come into fashion such as wearing hats to cover the undyed hair. I smile (wistfully to be sure) to think my eight-dollar haircuts will soon be the mode.


Blogger Winifred said...

I read articles like this and I wonder if it's that the newspapers are coming from Planet Bizarro; or if it's just that I LIVE on planet bizarro and there really are places and people where "need permission to wear old clothes".

But, then I'm a self-identified dowd as well.

11:45 PM  

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