Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To Our Health

I was working up to a blog on the loss of hope the death of dreams (with research) but can't hold back frustration at the opponents of health care reform. Can't say I follow the debate closely but why can't these nay sayers respond to a few questions.

Q: Do you like status quo.

A: (I presume) Yes.

Q: Do you like exploding costs.

A: (I presume) cut "waste"--such as the last Republican administration did???

Q: Are you OK with so many uninsured?

A: (I presume) Yes. Barbara Bush: "They're underprivileged anyway."

Q: Are you glad people lose coverage when they get sick or have been sick?

A: (I presume) Oh that's just socialist propaganda.

Q: What about businesses who can't compete internationally due to escalating h.c. costs?

A: (I can't even think of a presumed answer to that one.)

Q: So the best thing to do is nothing?

A: Glenn Beck (presumably with 47 mil uninsured and insurance getting away w/o paying for whatever they can get away with and health care costs way outrunning inflation and people losing h.c. when losing jobs and businesses needing to put more and more premiums on employees) "We have the best health care system in the world."

And in today's paper I read an attack on Obama because he hasn't become the post-partisan president he promised to be. Speaking of loss of hope and death of dreams!!!!

Has the world always been this crazy or is it getting worse or is it my imagination? To be continued....


Blogger Winifred said...

Sometimes I *think* the world is getting crazier, but then I wonder if it's just me getting older & if I really think about it, things were pretty crazy 20 and more years ago. I mean, Berlin Wall - wasn't that WEIRD -it was up for almost 38 years. I mean, I grew up w/ it being a Normal Part of Reality.

But, maybe it's just things are getting crazier in the USA.

2:16 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

The world has always been crazy. The USA has been no exception. I didn't pay too much attention when young because I was busy raising children. Now that I am paying attention I am appalled! We sin as individuals and, collectively, we sin. I think it is getting worse now because of the rapid advances in technology. The ability to sin in a big way!

7:45 AM  

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