Friday, June 18, 2010


The book group met Wednesday to discuss "Pompeii," and I learned Yellowstone has the world's largest volcano that is due to erupt anytime! By a phenomenon Dr. Jung used to call "synchronicity," I found a book on my shelf "Catastrophe" by David Keys, which details climate changes that what Keys calls "re-synchronizing" history. Yesterday I learned of climate changes (and plagues) in the 5th-6th centuries A.D. that left power vaccums for first Persians over Romans, then Avars and Slavs, then Turks and then Muslims.

It's appalling. First that everyone has to have an empire you know?

Secondly, that there's all this history I didn't know about. In school teacher said, "That was the dark ages when nothing happened. The church alone kept knowledge alive, the Irish saved civilization, etc." My history courses and reading never covered Yabghu, Ashina, Uighers, Ghaznavids, sacred caves, or coronations by tossing in a rug and near-strangulations.
Reading "Catastrophe," I even thought maybe this is all fiction; I've never learned it, it can't be real.

Thirdly, that apocalypse is actually possible. Any time history can re-synchronize. Of course, we take this on faith anyway, but as Jesus said, "Pray that it doesn't happen in winter."

Fourthly, re-synchronization is already going on in so many places.

Has the President read this book??


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