Friday, August 05, 2011

Sauvex qui pouvais!

Last night my 10-year old grandson, McGregor, dropped in to play cards and noticed TV showing the DOW 500-point plunge and newscasting voices of alarm.

"What's the DOW?" he asked.

"A stock index," I told him. "Stocks went down today, but ( beaming) I'm in bonds!"

"What are bonds?" he asked, placing his new deck of cards on the coffee table and pulling up a chair. "Could you deal, please?"

"Municipalities borrow money and pay interest."

"Well I'm putting my money in a savings account," said McGregor.

"Bonds pay better," I said, dealing out the hands for Crazy-8s.

Discussing investments w/ Grandma.

Of course, McGregor might be wiser; bonds can go bad, too (which is why some of mine are insured). The economy might be tanking, and at some point it's out of your hands. These troubles are global.

Plus, in the midst of this global crisis, US Republicans work against recovery because above all they want to bring down Obama. About 25% of them are probably stupidly sincere; another 25% fear primary challenges from even righter-wing opponents; and 50% are bought and paid for by the undertaxed superrich.

Plus again, the climate grows more extreme--just look out the window--to cause more expensive crises and raise insurance rates. Least noticed of all: our population is growing too fast!

Our grandchildren really are going to have it tougher than us, but then we have it so very very good right now. You do what you can to save whom you can.

Stealth and destruction have come to Troy's walls
Unto the Aeneas Hector's ghost doth call
Save whom you can and make way to the sea
Trust in the fates you are Rome's destiny

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