Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Time to Become a Citizen Again

Google "tax reform" today and you'll come up with links to flat tax, alternative minimum tax, and multiple articles referring to a certain Rep. Ryan, the head of House Budget or Finance coming up with a splashy budget reform that has zero tax increases and starts taking apart Medicare and Medicaid. I saw this Rep. Ryan on TV last night; he is articulate, convincing, an scary. The right wing rich people are jubilant and vocal.

Liberals, Progressives, Christians, whatever you call yourselves, why aren't you DOING anything???

As for me, I favor restoring the Bill Clinton era tax structure. Mortgage deductions on second homes should not be allowed. The ceiling on FICA tax should be raised.

I started to write my Congressman. Then I realized: I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING about taxes and revenues--aside from the fact they're unfair and riddled with lies. E.g., that the mega rich must keep tax breaks because they so-called create jobs. (A few recent articles say no; but again I know little.) Time to become a citizen again.

The beginning is to read the things I have read about: the report that came out, you know the report. Note to self: find out name of report. Secondly, donate to Sojourners campaign of "What Would Jesus Cut?" We must do something!

Stay tuned to find out if I actually DO anything or whether I'm among the numbed who occasionally stir and whimper out.


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