Friday, May 20, 2011

Citizen Pat

My grandson brought home a mobile with the three branches of government, and he gave it to me to keep. Last night I spent an hour re-modeling this clothes hanger with pieces of written-on index cards suspended with yarn. I enjoying making it a whole lot. And this is a typical thought process: oh, I would want a big white bulletin board with the names of all the Justices, Senators, et cetera written in.. I make a big thought balloon of learning about No. Carolina geography and taking a trip to Raleigh to see the Capitol and visiting my state representative. In fantasy I teach a civics class, and my little group files a bill. Lovely musings.

End result is that I add a Senate card under grandson's "Congress" where he has only the House of Representatives hanging from the russet-colored yarn. The project required a lot of re-arranging the yarn. I tied a little piece from the VP card horizontal to the Senate and noted VP is also President of the Senate and in line to become President if necessary. To the House section I added a Speaker card and wrote the Speaker is next to succeed after the VP. I hoped the line of succession will attract the interest of grandsons.

Thought a lot about orderly transition as one of America's world-surprising strengths. In the end I had a little mobile that enlightened citizen Pat hung from a lamp in my living room and admired all night.

Baby steps.


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