Monday, September 10, 2012

Teachable Moments

Could we the people try to make this election season a time for informed discourse?

Conversation Starters

-- Faith and Govt.

    What does our Constitution say about freedom of religion? ["There shall be no establishment...."]
    Fun fact: Baptists in VA (?) fought the establishment of the Episcopal Church as state religion whose ministers would be paid by tax dollars. [Will look up.]

Ok, Scripture!

    Ps 41:1:  "Happy are they who consider the poor and needy The LORD will deliver them in time of trouble."

   Ps 50:16:  "But to the wicked (larasha = guilty, wrong) God says:
         -21               'Why do you recite my statutes,/ and take my covenant upon your    lips;
                    Since you refuse discipline (musar = education, instruction)/and toss my words behind your back?
                    .... You have loosed your lips for evil, and have harnessed your tongue to a lie....
                    These things you have done, and I kept still, and you thought that I am like you.'"

In other words, "Why do you call me 'Lord, Lord' And do not do what I say?" (Lk 6:46) -- i.e., consider the poor and needy!

-- Federal vs. State Govt.

   How many Republican governors
         accepted the bailout?
         demanded more federal help for their state? (e.g., Rick Perry "boots on the ground"?)

  How did founding fathers intend a govt, by "We the People" to work?

     (Hint: There are 3 branches of Fed. govt. There are also powers reserved to the states. What are they, all or part?)

Next: Class for New Citizens, will find out!


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