Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Evening of the Funeral

My old aunt died and I flew to St. Louis to attend the funeral. My old uncle is left a widower but he should be OK because he loves women and the retirement community is full of them. The evening of the funeral, that is a few hours from lowering my Aunt Ginny's remains into the ground, I had dinner with my uncle, and an old lady was sitting with him, too.

She was going, "OOOH, what material is that jacket made of?" and pawing him up and down.

The next thing she said was,"My husband left me for the President of Bergdorf Goodman, Dawn Mello. We were both virgins when we married so I guess he wanted to look around."

Then she grabbed my uncle's hand and held on for a long time while he rolled his eyes and blushed.

After a while a little group was gathered around our table telling jokes. The chief joke-teller was a man named Sam, who announced he is still practicing law at age 96. Sam pulled up his walker and sat down (he has a walker that turns into a stool). He told a joke about a man who went to heaven and St. Peter asked him to spell "Love." He got in by spelling it and a few days later St. Peter asked him to fill in at the pearly gates. Next thing you know the man's wife appears, having died suddenly. The man said, "To get in here you just have to spell Czechoslovakia!"

Much laughter ensued, and my uncle told me that Sam's wife had died the day before my Aunt Ginny, i.e., a week earlier.

I guess I'll understand when I'm older (I'm only 65 and my husband died 2 1/2 years ago).


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