Thursday, December 27, 2007

Consider the Birds

Birds. I'm watching them.

My dear Winifred gave me binoculars and I'm outside before breakfast examining the tree where the birds sit. First, two blue jays fly in and perch on the middle right; then a greenish female cardinal lands on the middle left. How do cardinals and jays feel about each other?

Then: whoa! There's the big fat red guy to the far right, on a higher branch. I think he's the boss. I see the big belly, the crest, everything. Soon the jays and female cardinal fly away. Two little fatties- brown with a blush of orange around their necks (great style)--come and hang out, ignoring the big cardinal but definitely aware of his presence. I think they might be some kind of finch.

After everyone's flown, I try and look up the fatties in the bird book Winifred gave me, but I can't find them. Obviously the birds in my back yard tree are so rare they haven't made it into the book. Maybe I have discovered a new species.


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