Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Daisy had been ill before moving down to Davidson, but she did OK on the car trip and improved over the first few days in the new house. When I took her in to her new vet last Friday he said, "three to six months."

Alas this was not to be. Saturday afternoon Daisy took a turn for the worse, then Sunday morning I was driving her to the emergency vet and she died in the car. I had my hand on her little belly and I could feel a relaxing for her. The vet washed her body and wrapped her in a towel so I could hold her for a while.

Well, you know how it is when your dog dies, it's sad. She was such a good dog. We got her before Karen and Chris even got married, and Daisy grew up with the quads. "Daisy" was their first word. She was jealous when they were babies, and she would mope on her couch. Then when it was time for Cheerios she would get down and get in line for her share.

Yes, she had her own couch. She loved it so much with many sighings of pleasure that we didn't have the heart to keep her off it. When we moved from Cambridge to Amherst, one of the movers just loved Daisy. He had a talk with her and said, "We'll move your couch last." Daisy made friends wherever she would go.

When I worked at Grace Church I would bring her into the office once or twice a week, and she would run up to Robin for a treat. Then Daisy would sit in my hat.

Denny used to call her "Miss Gray," and when they drove together in the car they made quite a picture, two bearded ones in the front seat. Her little furriness was so appealing, and so was the way she would skip and frisk on our walks. We had her special songs and her little routines, her little dance of the front legs to demand food. What a good character, with her own mind and her own doggie dignity.

I miss her very much, Daisy the very good dog.


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