Monday, September 10, 2007

The New Me

I have moved, which is a great opportunity to become a new me. This theme has appeared before in the wearing-purple blog, but now with deeper twist. In a new town in a new state, do I want to automatically re-create the old life?

It started happening in church yesterday--OK it never occurred to me to shop around in different churches, I just obediently trotted up to the "piskies," as Denny called them. Immediately inside the doors, in a pincer movement two women roped me into a meeting on Thursday a.m. I promised ONE meeting. Also, I felt called to introduce myself to the Sunday School coordinator. Today I'll buy the season tickets to the church concert series, and to the pig pickin' barbecue (insert your own witticism here) and there you go voila the old me.

But wait: I'm loving this time of not knowing anyone and having no committees. Grandchildren and shopping and reading of thrillers and watching of the Hallmark Channel fill the happy days. I have more time to write, and to sleep. How long can such happiness persist?

Like Dolly Parton's comment that it takes a lot of money to look this cheap: The life of idle days must result from great effort.
I'm going to have to think about this.

(Later) I did think about it and realized the phenomenon has less to do with identity and more to do with not having had a vacation in 6 years.



Blogger Pru said...

The two women who corralled me roped me into the Episcopal Church Women. They raise money and give it away to orphanages. They support food pantries and homeless shelters, and so I got involved in the meetings. Then for 2 years I was invited to lead their Quiet Day, which was very well attended. Now I have been elected Vice President. I am called to serve the hungry, homeless, and fatherless through this tiny service. OK, then.

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