Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's Hillary!

New Hampshire has just given us a political story to love: Hillary Clinton's victory came as a stunning upset contrary to all polls, leaving the commentators stammering. Nobody's quite sure what happened; but tonight I'm feeling unexpectedly excited that the first woman President of the United States may be elected during my lifetime.

Don't ask me why the excitement is unexpected. All I know is I tepidly supported Hillary before New Hampshire, but her response to her defeat in Iowa won my total support. There's the old political criterion, "Can the candidate take a punch?" Well HIllary did and responded and now we know the following:

--We're not going back to the 90s. Today was a new day with new things happening and she was there happening right along with them. The nagging sense of Bill Redux has lifted off, for me at least.

--It would be an absolute thrill to see Hillary taking the oath of office.

I look forward to all the commenting and analyzing (first stammers credited "waitress moms" for sticking by Hillary). But for tonight, I haven't felt this good about an election since Bill Clinton won in '92. Fifteen and a half years was a long time to wait.

(Well, yes, I did enjoy the Democrats winning back Congress in '06--(and Nancy Pelosi being 2nd in line to succeed).


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