Monday, July 07, 2008

Moving Again

Stages of Moving

1) For some reason it seems like a good idea. A project certainly, but a worthy undertaking.

2) This won't be so bad. I'll organize it! We'll keep all the boxes in one room.

3) Better buy some boxes. Ooh, I remember these cardboard cuts.

5) Damn! It's going to be expensive too.

6) Phone calls to old book buyers and used furniture dealers.

7) Boxes everywhere. That newspaper article I wanted? Packed away. "Terrible," says Ishmael, "full stop."

8) Face it, it's all gotta come down.

9) I drive down my street past houses and gardens and envy everyone in their house who is not moving.

10) Tired. Throw everything away. Trips to dump. Never doing this again. Whose idea was this anyway?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Pru-hope I can see you while you're here, If you have any sort of couch you want to get rid of let me know.

Leah (

11:31 AM  

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