Monday, May 18, 2009

Retired Again

It's happened before in other places: my job as Children's Ministries Coordinator got de-funded; so today marks the first day of my third time retiring.

Since my job doesn't exist, I will no longer be doing it. As I was making my good-byes, many people at church wrote kind notes, said gracious things. The teachers even threw me a little surprise party on my last day.

But only one person, one of the dads, a newcomer who was wearing jeans and a work shirt to church--well, he was the only individual among hundreds who murmured to me, "Are you going to be all right, financially?"

I felt touched and said, "Well, I don't know. I'm calling it 'retirement' and will see how it goes."

The third retirement is starting out a bit differently. In earlier ones, there was a feeling that whatever I had done in the world of work and ministry went poof. This time it doesn't matter so much. When I used to feel, along with my dear departed Den retirement as "the interval between work and death." it doesn't seem that so much this time. By the third time retirement is not such a novelty. This time, I have plans.

This interval means more time to write and pursue writing. So far, I've been very successful. If you want me to blog about what I accomplish, though, you must post a comment and ask. I don't want to bore my two or four readers!!!


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