Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Writing about Writing and Writing about Selling Writing

Uh oh time to write can't put it off any longer guess what you've been on facebook checked mail read the Times looked at your money done the wash and nothing else remains.

We are so lucky so lucky to have something to write with. People used to dread the blank page the white screen but other people wish for this time and this blankness. You know Dame Julian who had the showings as she called them, Jesus telling her of his love and how all will be well. She wrote a short version and then much later in life had herself walled up in a cell (with meals served to her it is true). She took extreme measures to get to that blank page.

Because It's a bit hard when "angel in the house" c'est moi! Who is the one who gives rides and nurtures? Who takes the dog to the vet and knows we don't have cumin? A variation on an old theme of mine.

Meanwhile friend and reader, it is time when you don't want to write, to start promoting your other writing.

It's time to start thinking about Christmas. Buy my "Santa Book" at buybooksontheweb.com. Also available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, I believe.

If there's anything I dread more than writing it's selling writing.


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