Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Much as commentators deplore the commericalism of Christmas, to a person they love Thanksgiving. They/we welcome it as a secular sacred observance that we share with all Americans everywhere. Plus, I might add, the work for it generally falls on one woman per extended kinship group, and the rest get to bring a pie, or the hors d'oeuvres, or maybe some flowers. Compared to Christmas it's an easy holiday dedicated to something healthy: gratitude.

On Facebook several of us decided to post something to be thankful for every day. One friend said it got harder as she went along, but for me it got easier. My "cup overfloweth" with blessings to begin with; and I also discovered that each day produces new occasions for thanks-giving.

Yesterday, it was the "Trip to Bountiful," extreme rejoicing in the plenty of the supermarket. What pleasure to stroll through the variety of cheeses, potatoes, the chubby shoppers with overflowing shopping carts: all the feasting all around us. I came home laden with celebratory fruit, nuts, marshmallows, and canned pumpkin. My kitchen cupboards were already full; I could hardly cram in another package of flour, cereal, coffee, or dog biscuits. I'm almost embarrassed to say how lucky I am, and that was just yesterday.

Today I give thanks that having been that designated woman of paragraph one for many years, this Thanksgiving I just have to make a pie.


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