Monday, October 18, 2010

It Must Be a Joke

Yes of course whatever you say about getting old it definitely has to be a joke. My friend Doc Bubbles says it's a continuous loop of, "News flash, you're old...News flash, you're old!" It comes as a surprise for some reason, who knows why. By this time who knows much of anything right?

Today came the latest surprise: My portrait for the church directory arrived, and guess what, if you looked at this picture and you didn't know the person you would say it's somebody's grandmother or great-grandmother! So much so that looking at it I even conceived an ambition to become a great-grandmother. I started calculating the grandkids' ages and how young they could marry without it being a disaster, and when they could produce an heir or heiress who would say, "That is my great-grandmother."

I gotta get ahold of myself here...


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