Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Bits of Good News

The headlines read, Republican earthquake reconfigures electoral map and some such. And it's true, the Reds took the House of Representatives and also both houses in No. Carolina (for first time since 1898, when they were progressive!). Everyone was expecting this what I call bad.

However, our own Democratic Congressman Mel Watt won in a landslide. And, fortunately, Democrats will retain control of the Senate; Harry Reid will remain majority leader. In Alaska, Sen. Lisa Murkowski leads in her write-in campaign. If Murkowski does hold her seat on a write-in vote, this feat will mean a big loss for former Gov. and current (non)-reality TV star S. Palin in her home state. Could this be the high water mark for the "red tide"?

Hope is still alive, if on life support.


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