Monday, November 14, 2011

A Public Space

A few times a day I check the NY Times on-line, and tonight I got a surprise. The Times posted that I read 54 articles, 18 percent opinion, a certain percent national, fewer international,1 percent on books, and I forget the rest. Ye gods they don't even bother to hide that they're keeping track of my reading habits? Well you know how paranoid I am, immediately started thinking!

1) Hey, how do I know that is accurate? Maybe I should be keeping my OWN records, so if necessary I can dispute!!!

2) NY Times, I also read the paper OFF-line, how do you know I don't read very much worthier articles on Sunday??

3) I immediately went to the home page and clicked on an article about the Supreme Court! If they're keeping track---better look extremely civic. Can they tell if I only skimmed it? Note: click on Science articles but stay away from those trashy wellness blogs!

It being late, I closed the link and snuck away, vowing not to read any more articles about John Edwards ever. Taking off the paranoia, folding it away, I decide to consider this little non-event a friendly reminder that in my easy chair at my fireside if I'm tapping on the Internet, it is a very public activity.


Blogger Sarah-Septuagenarian said...

Pat, you are so funny! I so like how you express yourself!

9:12 AM  

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