Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Valley of Stillnesss

The valley of "stillness" is my private name for the stage of life I'm at--everything I do is something I can "still" do. Still is the existential caesura the certainty of ending the nowness of everything. What the heck, stillness is enlightenment!

And I don't mean it in the sense of be still and know that I am God. With all due respect, I mean me and my friends can still get out of bed in the a.m., still do housework (sometimes), still discuss books and take walks, still go food shopping and cook. Some still sew, a few even still ski! Best of all we still drive.

We are happy for the faculties we still have. Two of my friends are legally blind. We look at people older and see what's coming.
I am at the point where I'm glad for every moment I'm out of pain and where every minor illness makes me wonder if this is it.

The main thing about the still ness as I thought walking the dog--there's a fantasy book dog-walking musings--is how much I enjoy just the normal workings of my body. My tibia and femur swinging into action from the hip. My shoulder not dislocating when Cassie yelps and jumps after a squirrel. The smells, the sights, of home outdoors and in still so pleasurable.

Everything I do is a still. Blinding flash of the obvious.


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