Friday, September 14, 2012

Arab Autumn

The Middle East is erupting in riots the past few days. Someone somewhere insulted the Prophet Mohammed, and young Muslim men are  rioting, burning, and killing.

I read somewhere that populations with an excess of young men have a tendency to war, and this looks to me like an example.

Secretary of State Clinton made a statement in which she pointed out all great religions have been insulted. I would add that our own Christian Savior was spat upon and crucified in person--not to mention "piss Christ"! Christians could riot if they wanted to.

Not to mention the Jews! The people who are the apple of God's eye have endured more than any the slanders, the violence, the genocide, the pogroms.  You don't hear about Jews rioting. Israel might attack you if you blow up their markets or their seders, but they don't often turn out to mob your embassy and murder your diplomats (as happened in Libya).

I don't know enough about other religions to cite examples, but I am sure members of all religions have endured insults and calumnies because of their faith.

But OK, the Muslims are especially touchy. They put a fatwah out on Salman Rushdie, and there was another big flap over some Scandinavian cartoon. What is to be done?

Reports say the insult to Mohammed came from a youtube video from a fundamentalist "Christian" group. Another report I saw said that since everyone knows Muslims tend to overreact to stuff like this, releasing such a video could qualify as "inciting to violence."

Another report says the attack in Libya was actually an organized ambush, not a spontaneous riot. Apparently that distinction matters. An arrest has been made so we shall see.

A sad sequel to the Arab Spring.


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