Thursday, August 31, 2006

Weight Watchers and Aristotle

This morning I typed in to my on-line "weight tracker," and it turned out I had lost 1.5 lbs. A big star popped up from Weight Watchers with a quote about "excellence." Aristotle says "excellence is a habit" or some such.

What's the world coming to when Weight Watchers starts quoting Aristotle? I've always hated that word "excellence" anyway; I don't even believe Aristotle really said that.

Guess I better go have some snacks so I don't get THAT message again. Now you know the key to my personality.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Sinner, Welcomed

Lady, you Intimidate me
With your genius, punch
Tears from ducts I reckoned
All cried out.
Your light-bursted ribs,
Grub-bodied, meat-handed Savior,
Clothed bones, and womby tomb
Shock me to meekness; yes,
Prick my ears.

(for Mary Karr)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Blog Block

"You haven't been blogging enough," my friend tells me, and I realize I have blog block. What were all those fascinating thoughts I used to have?

I was going to blog about Bill Moyers' "Faith and Reason" show. Why not "Faith and Works," or "Faith, Hope, and Love?" I watched an episode with Margaret Atwood, and she did say some interesting things; but why are we talking theology with a "radical agnostic"? The title of that blog was going to be "Deep Thought 101."

Then I put up a blog about my grandson MacGregor. "Wanta play chess, Grandma?" "Let me have my morning coffee first, MacGregor." He's good, but I've beaten him once, out of about 20 games. His father and I discussed strategies. "Go for his queen," I said, "it puts him off his game." Or, "Ignore his fancy moves and attack the king." "Isn't this pathetic," his dad says, "we're strategizing against a five-year-old."

Neither topic seemed blogworthy, and I have no ideas. It's restful in a way, and I am open to requests!