Monday, January 28, 2008

Animal Nature

I tend myself like
some animal trainer, a large-animal vet who knows
Some times the old lioness must be let
Roam; if ruled
Too tight will break and
Breaking no one wants no, no.
I watch out, then, within lovely free-range kitchen-cage,
While me with elderly paces, shuffles, to
Cookbooks on a shelf for a cauliflower
Curry; myself does roam
Nearly wild!

Or I control myself like
some kind of nanny, a small-person nurse who puts
Arms around tantrums, gives plenty of
Naps and lots of fresh air; but some
Times myself exhausts I, and I punish
Her-me with unkind
while self toddles loose escapes at large
Pulling papers off shelves, emptying drawers, making a
Mess a wreckage wake-- I’m just too
Tired to stop me.

Let’s face it wildness is the larger part and
when I build a tiny wall, myself
will climb and pull it down.
Sometimes I’m in charge of a whole zoo in me, an
Ill-managed day care and oh,
Isaiah, prophesy to those
Beasts and give that inner
Brat the lead.

PCA 2002



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