Friday, December 24, 2010


That ever was thrall, now is he free;
That ever was small, great is she;
Now shall God deem both thee and me
Unto his bliss if we do well.
--Anonymous, Out of Your Sleep Arise and Wake

Christmas Eve Day, or Wrapping It Up

  1. Today, I cleaned out the last presents from under my desk and wrapped them.
    1. The rush and crush of Advent is giving way 
  1. to celebration of the Christ Child;  I sense his nearness.  Peace starts to descend as my son begins the enormous job of preparing tomorrow's feast.

          1. This afternoon, McGregor and I joined the informal parade of dressed-up neighbors walking to our parish church to welcome the Nativity. We sang the great carols in concert with all the generations: In the row before us, an ancient woman is supported by two (perhaps) granddaughters, and a family at the other end holds a tiny infant daughter in a pink 

          1. frilly dress. Lots of green sequins and red velvet are all around, with bows. The restlessness of a hundred small children passes back and forth over the congregation like a great wind.

Now, we turn to family traditions.  At six o'clock we walk across the street for my son-in-law's homemade dim sum. We'll enjoy what we’ve prepared, the fellowship of holiday that we have woven for and with them. I will ask for one present to be opened on Christmas Eve; everyone will say no. My son and I will come home and run to separate corners to fill stockings and then what---whatever we want! 

"The Littlest Angel"
We're so much better off than we were a year ago, in health, employment, and finances.  I am in a position for a while to take advantage of these good times to lay foundation of security and hope for the families I watch over, my own. Thank you, Jesus.


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