Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This is trying to resemble a half Christmas tree like the one we bought that year

that's it,
it's done, no more.
I'm done with wrapping
and tree-trimming with drama
driving it home in the trunk and
frantically searching for a tiny baby
of the white china creche lost in the
bottom of an ornament box. Why is
this endless mailing packages and cards?
(You better be organized about the addresses
not to mention you had to buy the cards and write
the annual letter and stand in line to buy more holiday
stamps and later find the ones you already had.) No, it's
over with the buying the wrong thing and ordering 2-day
shipping to get it right and why is there always something
more to be done? Tomorrow: Shop for the feast and then
have it and go to church and O Lord, I can't
Wait until You come and I can


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