Saturday, February 05, 2011

Back Attack

While Egypt is transitioning I'm down with one of my bad back attacks. It's the pain thing again, just glad to get it out of the way before we take off for Paris!

After a week of illness I'm at the point of telling God that as long as I have water, a warm room, and am out of pain, I'll never complain about anything ever again!

Of course who's out of pain?

Tonight I felt OK enough to move around the kitchen with accompanying moans--"What's up?" calls down son Greg. "I'm sumo housekeeping!" I'm moving into that phase of first recovery that Kafka called rebirth. There's euphoria when you first feel better.

In the meantime I've seen a lot of Egypt on TV and feel more encouraged than when first wrote. It's been a week of NEWS--somebody's sure to get a Pulitzer Prize from this, I think Nicholas Kristof.  After street battles, police attacks, and journalists being detained and beaten, things are enough better that CNN feels comfortable doing a "review" piece on the crisis. But in other news: how about Gabrielle Giffords' husband saying he's "sure she would want him" to command the space mission? "would want"? I think she's less progressed in rehab than we've been led to believe.

Meanwhile I'm reading "Russia Against Napoleon" and a Robert Parker mystery whose name I forgot and a French textbook. Tonight I made flash cards for words I'm unsure of in the "t"s while watching the Military Channel about German spies in the US during WWII. Bunglers. Six went to electric chair. Les traitres qui trahant! (?) If not for the agony--les transes--not a bad life.


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