Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Day 2010

What? Over so soon?
How arbitrary; who decided this?
Denny used to say at the start of each month: "Click!" and at New Year's he'd say, "BONG!"
Our whole large family jumped off the couch at midnight as his parents had before us.

The Roman god Janus 
looked forward
and back.

Our first sober New Year's Eve, '85-'86,
Denny and I got stopped by police driving home from a
macrobiotic cookout. We had a missing headlight, twenty-five years ago,
but the officer let us go due to clean air in car; a miracle!

(I also remember youth '60-'61: a flurry of evening gowns and
Arpege, festivities in mansions and clubs. Back in my 
parents' living room our happy tipsy few lit candles in the
wall sconce which were just for show but my mother 
didn't even get mad. Another miracle, 50 years old.)

Denny's last New Year's, I rolled off the couch the best I could, then ran upstairs to say,
"Den! Den! You lived until 2005!" A miracle of medicine, six years ago.

OK, that's looking back; now what's ahead? This year I plan to party with 
seven-year-old grandson. Hooray, put together the model train set, and I will feed him his favorite frozen mac and cheese. I'm sure that together we will watch endless Scooby-Doos. We'll try to stay up late and make some noise. If I'm awake at midnight I will sit on the couch and touch the floor.

If not, this blog will have to do. That's what the future holds.


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