Tuesday, October 02, 2012

2012 Election Vocab

Follow the news?

Then you'll be familiar with these terms:

"Double down," even "triple down." (Nothing to do w/ football--I don't think anyway) = say it again, stronger (usually used to refer to compounding a mistake or a gaffe).

"Dog whistle" -- Communicating to ultra right-wing that we are just as racist and misogynist as you like, while hiding the communication so non ultra-right can not hear it.

"Game-changer, -changing," or just "-change" = What Romney campaign keeps predicting and looking for, to make up for declining poll numbers from voters realizing what a billionaire plutocrat, non tax return releasing offshore tax evading money hider he is.

"47 percent" = The number of Americans Mitt Romney thinks won't vote for him because they're thinking of themselves as "victims" who think they are "entitled to things like food and medical care...."

"1 percent" = The richest among us, who are looking for a different kind of handout: more tax breaks for billionaires.

"War on women" = efforts to make religious beliefs against women's rights a matter of law.  (Co-exists in dog whistler's brain with the notion of needing "smaller government"--yes, small enough to invade a woman's vaginas!!)  Revealed by such fantastical terms as

"Legitimate rape" = a revealing gaffe by a Republican Senate candidate, who articulated an urban legend that a woman's body has "ways of shutting that whole thing down," i.e., will not become pregnant, if she is forced to have sex against her will. (Meaning that if a pregnancy results, the rape could not have been "legitimate.")

"Ten thousand dollars" -- The spontaneity of Mitt Romney on display when he carelessly offered to bet that amount during a Republican primary debate. Another example is "a couple of Cadillacs" (which wife Ann drives).

"Strap to roof" = something Romney did to his dog on a long car trip, which he "doubled down" on when he claimed the dog loved it--to the glee of columnists and cartoonists.

[An old one resurrected] "Where's the beef?" having to do with":

"Get specific" or, "give specifics" = complaints by media that neither candidate has revealed enough details of HOW they want to reduce unemployment and so forth.

[An old one in the process of being retired but you still hear it occasionally] "Class war," having to do with the above 47%
and also [remember this one?] 99% being mean to the 1% the alleged "job creators" who work so hard and are so deserving.

"Don't have time..." [to get specific] = A Ryan VP gaffe on Fox News when the interviewer kept pressing for him to "get specific" on his budget plan.

"Voter fraud" = excuse for Republican-majority states to try to suppress Democratic-leaning voters through

"Voter ID Laws"  to combat imaginary fraud on the part of Democrats.

"Voter fraud" may be retiring along now that the news knows that Republican voter registration have commited

Actual fraud = another term for the Republican nominee.


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