Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Jam Today

My tenant went berry-picking and brought me a small container of perfect strawberries, so I decided to try and make jam.

It was easy. I followed the recipe in Joy of Cooking. Even though it boiled over and spattered the stove top and even though I thought the jam turned out too thin, it tasted good and was a great thing to have done.

After the jam cooled off I had some on a piece of toast and oh, honey! It had thickened up beautifully, and I realized I had never really tasted strawberry jam before. Not even when my mother made it because she put lots of pectin in it so it was solid ("good, though").

I couldn't get over the taste of my perfect strawberry jam.
My first thought when I woke up today was "I can have jam for breakfast!"

And I did. And also for lunch. And it's still an amazement!

Now it doesn't matter if my insurance company refused to pay for my last doctor's appointment and the IRS sent me a letter about failing to sign my return. Because I made beautiful jam.


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