Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Senior Spirit

The newsletter comes from the town senior center: "The Senior Spirit." It fascinates me, I take it in the living room and sit down with it, I read every word. There is foot care on offer, there are meals, there is watercolor instruction, and there are busses to the local mall and even to New York City. My main reaction to reading these items (even including the sing-a-longs): I feel such comfort and safety.

After so many years of looking after children, looking after a husband, looking after an old mother, and now trying to take care of myself, I realize there are now spry, intelligent young people in their 40s and 50s whose job it is to look after me! Maybe some people would resent the supercheerful tone at the end of the phone--when I call to enroll in a memoir writing class--but I find the woman's voice a source of strength. Maybe I would resent it if I were still young myself (or thought I were).

The "Senior Spirit" knows I am not young. In fact, it knows all about me. It knows I want to stay in and watch TV but that it's not good for me. It knows my feet are starting to hurt and that health care insurance confuses me. It knows I wouldn't mind being served a hot meal cooked by someone else and also that I'd like a ride to town occsionally. Wonderful, wonderful newsletter. Now I wonder what I did with it...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pru,
You are too funny! I check your blog site every morning hoping for another entry.
I am bogged down on my blog site and keep hoping that I will be inspired. Is "old" a chronological number that one reaches? A state of mind? The onset of physical difficulties? I do not think of you as being old. Love from your older friend, Sarah

6:40 AM  

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